About NCE
NCE is a focused and dynamic consulting firm specializing in Value Management (VM), risk assessments and facilitation. Our principals have focused on VM since the mid 1990s and been involved with large civil engineering projects since the early 1980s.

Many of our clients view NCE as an essential, reliable, and integral part of their extended organizations - a critical part in the success of the development and delivery of their projects, products, and processes. This is reflected in the number of client agencies in the United States and Canada that routinely retains the firm to provide on-call or project-specific VM services.

At NCE, we understand the benefit of finding the best technical specialists for our value teams. Highly qualified and technically innovative team members significantly contribute to the success of our value studies. NCE has the ability and relationships to find and integrate VM teams from a broad range of nationally and internationally recognized technical specialists in other firms to suit the needs of your project, product, or process.

We use a successful and effective hands-on project management style and back it up with a comprehensive quality control program to deliver quality results.
Industry leadership and recognition
NCE is a sustaining corporate member of:
SAVE International (SAVE)
Miles Value Foundation (MVF)
Canadian Society of Value Analysis (CSVA)
David Wilson, an NCE principal and our VM Practice Leader, recently served as the President of SAVE International.

Recent NCE recognition:
David Wilson inducted as Fellow, SAVE, 2012.
New York State DOT received the Outstanding Achievement in Government Award for NCE-led Staten Island Expressway HOV Expansion Center VE Study, SAVE, 2011.
Metro Vancouver received the Outstanding Achievement in Government Award for NCE-led Coquitlam UV Disinfection Upgrades VE Study, SAVE, 2009.
The City of New York received the Outstanding Achievement in Government Award for NCE-led Lincoln Medical & Mental Health Center VE Study, SAVE, 2006.