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A selection of NCE's VM studies...
click here to enlarge - 120th Precinct Station House, New York (Courtesy: Karlsberger Architecture, PC)
120th Precinct
Station House,
New York, NY
120th Precinct and Prototype Precinct Station
House, New York, NY
Used Fuel Dry Storage Container Buildings,
Toronto, ON
Acerra Corporate Training Centre, Ottawa, ON
Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Ctr. Emergency Dept., New York, NY
click here to enlarge - Lemieux Island WPP, Ottawa (Courtesy: CH2M Hill)
Lemieux Island WPP, Ottawa, ON
Western Wake Reg. Reclamation Facility, Cary, NC
Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant, Toronto, ON
Lemeiux Island & Britannia WPP Waste Mgmt, Ottawa, ON
Grand River Area Water Supply Strategy, Waterloo, ON

click here to enlarge - US Highway 12, Sauk City to Middleton, WI (Courtesy: Strand Associates, Inc.)
US Highway 12, Middleton, WI
US Highway 12, Sauk City to Middleton, WI
State Road 7 (US 441), Hollywood, FL
Highway 2000, Kingston to Sandy Bay, Jamaica.
Regional Rail Phase 1, Triangle Transit Authority, Raleigh-Durham, NC
QEW/Red Hill Creek Interchange, Hamilton, ON
NCHRP Synthesis of Highway Practice 352: Value Engineering Applications in Transportation
David Wilson, NCE (published by the Transportation Research Board,
Washington, DC.), 2005.
Discover the REAL Project Using Business Process Modeling
David Wilson, NCE, 2005.
Teamwork Delivers New Concept -
Commercial Vehicle Inspection Facilities

Stephen Holmes, MTO (published by MTO, Toronto, ON),
2003 - NCE-led VE Study discussed.
Improving the Odds! The Development of an Unbiased Acceptance Review Methodology
for Value Management Projects

David Wilson, NCE, 2001.
Putting the Value Back into Planning
David Wilson, NCE, 2000.